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We provide quality interior fit-out services ensuring high quality, efficiency, and delivery. We deliver small-scale and large-scale projects. At Vfix, we provide customized solutions for each project.

If you have a tiny work in your house, or a full-blown renovation job – our team is here for you! We have an enviable record of delivering on time, within budget and along with a very personalized approach for each of our clients.

We offer the following fit-out services:

  • Turn-key solution with in-house capabilities.
  • Gypsum
  • Painting Services in Dubai
  • Glass and aluminum
  • Wooden works
  • High-end decorative finishes

A step by step guide for renovating your home

Devise a Plan:

It’s always best to start with a plan when beginning any project – big or small. This is especially true for something as involved as renovating your home. Write down everything you can think of that needs to be done, even if you’re not sure if it’s possible or within your budget yet. Once you have a good idea of everything that needs to be accomplished, meet with some interior designers to get started on creating a budget and timeline for the project.

Planning permission:

Before you start working, make sure to check what is required with your local authority and obtain any necessary planning permission; otherwise, you run the risk of having to undo what you’ve already had done.

Set a budget:

Set a spending limit for home improvements and compare it to the projects you want to finish. Don’t forget to budget for a contingency to cover unforeseen costs, and don’t be afraid to compare quotes from different contractors before choosing one.

Hiring the architect:

You should think about the work you want to do yourself versus the work you’ll outsource to professionals and contractors as part of the planning phase. And, if you’re considering hiring an architect to help you plan your renovation, Contact us as we have years of experience in home renovation in Dubai.

Repairing and restoring existing features

Assess which features are worth saving and which should be added later to avoid spending money unnecessarily.

You may need to think about sympathetic, complementary replacements if the cost of repair work is not financially feasible. However, stay away from swapping out old windows for plastic ones; they will never appear truly authentic in a historical setting.

Schedule of works:

A schedule of work can help you keep everything on track and within budget when working with a builder or contractor to renovate your home. It also serves as a loosely binding contract between you, the homeowner, and the person doing the work.

As the best home renovation companies in Dubai, we relieve stress, keep costs from spiraling out of control, build their confidence in design and project management, and deliver the home of their dreams on time and on budget. Your home renovation will undoubtedly win your heart with your vision and our experience. As a business, we have consistently produced excellent results with regard to our services.