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Causes of Low Airflow in Your AC Unit

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There are several reasons why an AC units can have low airflow. If you are seeking AC maintenance companies Dubai, this blog is going to articulate the major reasons for the common causes for AC units to have low airflow.

Dirty or Clogged Air Filters

It is inevitable that over time, the filters get dust, dirt, and other particles which will block the airflow. This can make the system work harder than usual, doing routine checkups and replacing air filters is an easy step to keeping a good airflow and energy efficiency.

Blocked Vents or Registers

The major cause of low circulation in a living space is blocked vents or registers. Obstacles like furniture, drapes, or more can be the reason for the low circulation of air, which minimizes the route for cool air to reach its destination. Doing an in-depth check of vents and registers can make sure they’re free from obstruction and enable unrestricted airflow.

Leaky Ducts

Sometimes even if the AC unit is working overloaded, the ductwork can be filled with leaks, and the cool breeze might be escaping before it reaches into the living space. Leaky ducts are the main issue for the low efficiency of AC units and could also contribute to the reason for low airflow. Routine duct inspections and efficient repair are important to make sure cool air is sufficiently delivered to every corner of the house.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant in an AC unit plays an important role in the cooling process. The system has to work overload to get to the desired temperature which ultimately ends in low airflow. Leaks in refrigerants happen because of damaged coils or connections, it is important to fix these issues to minimize damage to your system. If it’s due to low refrigerant levels, the best solution is to call an expert HVAC technician to help diagnose and fix the problem.

Overworked or Faulty Blower Motor

The blower motor is mainly responsible for circulating the cool air throughout your home. If the system is working on overload or is malfunctioning, this can go to low airflow. Challenges like worn-out bearings, electrical issues, or a damaged capacitor can be the reason for an inefficient performance from the blower motor. Routine maintenance and quick repairs by AC duct cleaning services in Dubai can make sure that your blower motors work at optimum efficiency which can main a steady cool flow of air.

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